Kidrobot All City Breakers – box of 50 blind bagged pieces


Each box contains 50 blind bag breakers which are easily accessed through the front “cassette” holder on the stunning point of sale box.

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Kidrobot All City Breakers

Straight out of the South Bronx, Kidrobot’s first series of All City Breakers celebrates the best dance style born from 70’s hip-hop culture. Individually foil-wrapped and blind, each b-boy and b-girl’s punctuated move is captured perfectly in plastic – a stylized freeze. Injection-molded and inspired by the retro but classic green army men and their solid plastic bases, these breakers flaunt moves from Power to Flex in four neon colors: pink, green orange and blue. Each 2-inch art piece is paired with a boombox to deliver the beat. No matter what your style, you’re gonna want to choreograph a collection of your own.